Heart to Heart with Reuben Griffith Bekoe

I had a heart ♥ to heart interview with Mum C. Will I be your friend if I told you I am bikesexual? Read more about my life, my charity ride and my journey to become a father and a husband.

Mum C writes

Our guest post, Reuben Griffiths Bekoe, is a determined soul with a heart of gold. He is a cyclist who is cycling to raise funds for the Ghana Cleft Foundation. He describes himself as a jealous romantic who loves passionately. I say he is a young enterprising young man who might do deeds which the Guinness Book of Records might gladly chase to capture. Let’s relax and enjoy a tour on his mind.

AMOAFOWAA: You are welcome to Amoafowaa.com

REUBEN: Thank you for the opportunity

AMOAFOWAA: If I may ask, why cycling?

REUBEN: I am bike-sexual

AMOAFOWAA: (Laughing outloud) Why not bike-prostitute?

REUBEN: I just chose bicycle because in our culture, though people use bicycles to commute, it’s not our thing to just ride for a longer distance. If you’re riding and wearing a jersey they think you’re doing  cycling or racing but racing and touring are two different things.

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