We make our choices in life and they end up making us!

The power to make choices is given freely to us by our creator. For example, if you’ve been given money, and you decide to go to the market to buy something. You have the choice to buy anything you want, and whatever you buy is what you’ll have. You can decide to buy junks and trash, or you can decide to buy valuable things. The choice is completely yours!

Our use of the power of choice God has given us will ultimately decide the outcome of our lives. If you choose to become a gang banger, you’ll end up in jail or killed. If you choose to pursue your dream, your dream will eventually come true if you don’t give up, and you’ll enjoy the rest of your life happily and successfully. But if you choose not to pursue your dreams or you give up along the way, then you’ll end up unhappy, miserable and full of regrets at the later part of your life.

So make the right choice to follow your dreams, and decide never to give up because Whatever choice you make today will decide your life tomorrow, and even the trivial choices adds up over time to make or mar us.

REMEMBER: We make our choices in life and they end up making us!!!


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