My view on education is simple. Education does not create an Albert Einstein or a King Shaka Zulu. Brilliance and more than average IQs cannot be taught in a formal classroom. I am yet to see a professor who will tell me that his area of expertise is teaching people to attain higher IQs.

Education was given the shape and organisation it has to increase predictability in training people. Not that there were no engineers and military strategist before these were presented as formal qualifications. But to rely on forces of nature to produce a Plato or Leonardo Da Vinci would have put the advancement of society at risk.

Nobody knows how long the world will see another Hugo Chavez, Nelson Mandela or Bill Gates.

Jaywalking political discussions

The proliferation of fake degrees exposes a seriously worrying trend in South Africa, I argue that what otherwise could be good journalism stands to be abused in order to settle old political scores and to victimise the innocent. The thirst of South Africans to find something wrong with their leaders risks jeopardising prospects for economic advancement of black people. Very few blacks will be affirmed to senior management positions in industry and commerce as a result of the created perception that black people are frauds and crooks. It is no secret that Corporate South Africa continues to look at blacks with suspicion and mistrust.

Siyabonga Hadebe (Twitter @siyazi)

It is understandable that misrepresentation of any kind should not be tolerated, and those believed to have flouted rules of true presentation need to be brought to book.

I am for fairness and transparency. The public needs to know who has committed…

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