Get it straight! Know the history, THE KPELLE people of LIBERIA.

Knowing Africa


    On my journey of knowing Africa and telling the story the African way, I will be sharing with you the history and the life of the KPELLE people of LIBERIA.  Africa is not what and how you think it is. Africa has culture, history and a story to tell. Get closer and hear our story ….
    The Kpelle people are also known as the Guerze, Kpwesi, Kpessi, Gerse, Mpessi, Berlu, Gbelle, Bere, Gbalin, Gizima, or Buni. They are located primarily in an area of central Liberia


They speak the Kpelle language, which belongs to the Mande language family. It is estimated that there are 760,000 Kpelle Speakers in Liberia. The Kpelle is a large ethnic group of the West African nation of Liberia and are also an important ethnic group also in southern Guinea. Kpelle Language: Kunâŋ gáa ŋele sui, Tɔɔ ku iláai siɣe a maa…

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