Мч Life, Мч SТЯОЧ

My life



My life has never been rosy but I am the one that planted the roses I wanted to walk on someday. Doing all these hasn’t been easy; it comes with a price you have to pay. I would have killed my dream if I gave up. I don’t give up because even the dead have a hope that he will be buried by the family members because if they don’t do it will smell so why should I give up.
Born Reuben Griffiths Bekoe on august 1st 1994 in Takoradi(Ghana) had my
education at West Ridge schools, then to Shama senior high where I graduated in 2009. I have 2 brothers and an elder sister. Lost my parents in Dad (April 26, 2005) & mom (July 1,
2006). I have always seen the
positive in and from the negatives. This has been possible because I try my
best not to…

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