Who do we call a celebrity

Our skin color is of no importance to our being. Your personality defines your skin color.

I have had the time to watch the video of the #Brazilian players with the <a hre

f=”https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/southafrican”>#southAfrican kid and it was so #wonderful#Children are very innocent and loving, it was the greatest joy for him to. This also taught me that it doesn’t matter our #race we’re one people. Most “#celebrities” shun people that tries to catch their attention and think these people want their money.Let #LOVE and LOVE unconditionally and accept everyone from every race for we are one. More children need to have their days enhanced/made by the actions of others. From little things big things grow…. one little man who will always remember this great day… and all the big #smiles. Best #memories. The person I would LOVE to meet is @ameyaw112 to learn from him. Thanks #Neymar #Brazil #America #Africans #africa #ghana #Nigeria #liberian #Liberia#Kenya #football


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