The Revolution

I am very much responsible for my writings & you’re for how you understand it. I ♥ Africa & my race. Brethren the growth of our dear nation GhanaNigeriaLiberia and the entire continent of AFRICA lies on our own tongue & heart and hands. It takes us to voice it, work it teach our generation about SOCIALISM and NATIONALISM, and always criticize foreign interference within our economy and take actions and responsibilities.Remember Nkrumah and Gaddafi realize the need to industrialized their economy to be able to be self-reliant. Ghana over the years have sold all the companies that Nkrumah built to the foreigners(white) and depriving us to be a productive state. If these are sold without creating, where lies the future of Africa? It should be merged!!! In real sense our current leaders have left our economy into the hands of the same people who maltreated us during the colonial period. GHANA YOUTH needs to arise and defend the nation for the future GENERATION because our uncaring LEADERS are selling our nation for diplomatic passports!! God bless our leaders like Nkrumah,Mugabe & Gaddafi and some of us with good plans for our countries. We need a REVOLUTION on how we think, what we wear cos some of we wear makes us think we’re superior to our fellow-men. We need a REVOLUTION from our homesschoolschurches mosques and within our soul.


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